Update On United States Job Growth ( Californa)

12 Jul


Another Mediocre Month for US Job Growth

June was a hot spell across the US, but not for hiring, which remained tepid for the third straight month. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported only 80,000 jobs were added to the nation’s nonfarm payrolls, about 60 percent of what’s needed just to keep up with population growth. The only standout sector was Professional & Business Svcs, which added 47,000 positions, although 25,000 were temporary. Health Services gained 13,000 jobs and Manufacturing was up 11,000. Information Services lost 8000 jobs and Retail was down 5400. The US unemployment rate remained at 8.2 percent, but confidence among the unemployed that they would find work was the highest in three years, according to a survey of jobseekers visiting Glassdoor.com.

On the Job Front

NATIONWIDE – Technology retailer Best Buy will lay off more than 2400 employees among its 1050 stores, including 650 mobile techs on the Geek Squad. . . Hewlett-Packard’s plan to cut 27,000 positions worldwide by 2014 will include no more than 9000 US jobs.

STATEWIDE – California’s largest union of public employees has agreed to a 4.6-percent pay cut over the next year. The 92,000 members of Service Employees International Union will be furloughed eight hours a month through June 2013 as part of Gov Brown’s budget reductions, which have now been accepted by nearly all the state’s 21 govt worker unions.

BAY AREA – Six in ten of the region’s executives expect economic conditions to improve over the next half year, but only 31 percent plan to increase hiring during that time, according to a Bay Area Council survey.

BURLINGAME – Shenick Network Systems, based in Ireland, has opened a local office to support a US team of sales engineers and development engineers specializing in per-flow IP communication test systems.

FOLSOM – The Habit Burger Grill is opening a restaurant here this week, its seventh in the region. The 40-year-old Irvine-based chain has over 50 eateries in CA and AZ.

MOUNTAIN VIEW – Hard-drive manufacturer Western Digital Corp will have room to expand after moving into spacious new headquarters here later this year.

REDWOOD CITY – With $50 million in fresh financing, Rocket Fuel Inc is poised to expand its business providing artificial intelligence advertising solutions for digital marketers. . . Cloud contact center and customer-service solutions provider LiveOps Inc will relocate its headquarters from Santa Clara to Redwood Shores this fall. The larger, more open space will facilitate “tremendous growth” anticipated by CEO Marty Beard.

SACRAMENTO – Advanced Call Center Technologies LLC is looking for trainers and managers to staff up a North Highlands operation expected to have 2000 employees by next summer. The Berwyn, PA firm expects to start hiring in August.

SAN JOSE – The Santa Clara Valley Water District is building an Advanced Water Purification Center in North SJ, to open in March 2013.

SAN MATEO – Cloud storage provider SugarSync Inc is planning for rapid growth with $25 million raised this year.

SILICON VALLEY – With one of every eight US patents originating here, the federal govt plans to open a satellite US Patent Office in the region, with 150-200 patent examiners on staff by 2014.

TRUCKEE – BareBones WorkWear will open a store here on Sept 1, it’s fifth location. The Sacramento-based retailer with about 35 on staff may add two more stores within a year.

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Myanmar Extremists Youths Arrested In Singapore For Online Racial Remarks

2 Jul

Myanmar Extremists Youths Arrested In Singapore For Online Racial Remarks.

Myanmar Extremists Youths Arrested In Singapore For Online Racial Remarks

2 Jul

SINGAPORE: Police on Sunday announced that it had arrested two 17-year-old for posting racist remarks online.

In a statement, police said the remarks could lead to ill-will and hostility between the different races in Singapore.

The arrests came after authorities received reports on Wednesday that racist remarks were being posted on Facebook and Twitter.

The suspects, both boys, were nabbed over the next two days.

A person convicted under the Sedition Act could be fined up to S$5,000 and jailed up to 3 years.

Police said the right to free speech does not extend to making remarks that incite racial and religious conflict.

The public should also refrain from re-posting and adding on to comments that may inflame the situation.

The commander of Bedok Police Division, Deputy Assistant Commissioner of Police How Kwang Hwee, said: “The Internet may be a convenient medium to express one’s views but members of the public should bear in mind that they are no less accountable for their actions online.”

“Police take a very stern view of acts that could threaten the social harmony in Singapore.”

– CNA/wm http://www.channelnewsasia.com/stories/singaporelocalnews/view/1211003/1/.html

Hope this Will Serves as warning to racist extremists people living in Singapore

If you come across any racist  posts on online . Please don’t hesitate to contact Singapore Police by filing a E police report  https://www.psi.gov.sg/NASApp/tmf/TMFServlet?app=ePC-GenOff-Report&isNew=true&Reload=true&pagepass=LoginPagePassport  or email them directly at spf_cid_coc@spf.gov.sg   with the link of the racist posts

A Young Rohingya Girl’s Perspective Of The Recent Massacre In Myanmar.

14 Jun

A Young Rohingya Girl’s Perspective Of The Recent Massacre In Myanmar..

A Young Rohingya Girl’s Perspective Of The Recent Massacre In Myanmar.

12 Jun

Written By: May Yu Naing

 12th June 2012

I am a 23 year old Rohingya girl brought up in Singapore and this is one of the rare times that I actually described myself as a Rohingya person instead of a Burmese. I am not a patriotic person and I don’t think I’ll ever be, considering the fact that I have been exposed to different cultures and I always had a sense of homelessness.

Recently, I travelled through South East Asia on my own, and I was reading this book, “Stay alive, my son” by Pin Yathay on the atrocities of the Khmer Rouge regime and here I am actually witnessing first hand on how human rights is something so basic but yet so difficult to attain from all the stories I hear at home. Phones ringing, dad perpetually on the laptop checking for updates.

I’ll summarize the main story: A rape and murder of a Buddhist woman apparently by some Muslim man, I don’t know if there is evidence, sparked off a mob attack on a bus in Taungup on June 4 on the Muslims. This in turn angered the Muslims and they retaliated and of course now it has spiraled to deadly clashes erupting in various parts of Rakhine State. People chopped and killed, houses burnt, businesses looted; it seems like I am actually hearing a movie script from the stories thrown every day to my face these past few days. My family’s biggest fear is the spread of this violence to Yangon and undeniably the safety of our family members, direct or extended. For the first time in my 23 year old existence, I actually sensed fear and tension at home, not for any physical possessions but for the worth of a person’s life.

Taken from Sky News: Frantic struggle to get water from the fire truck to extinguish burning homes.

Taken from Al Jazeera News: The “Stateless” people.

Taken somewhere from facebook: More deaths.

DEATH: I have been treating this subject lightly recently because I tell myself that everything I did up till now can be justified and I am not afraid to die. I realized this is not even being over confident but just plain cocky. I guess my dad burst my bubble of naivety. EVERYONE IS AFRAID TO DIE. I happened to be in the room when my dad was having a nightmare; I presume it was a vivid one because the intensity of it was frightening. All I could was to keep quiet and pretend to be sleeping. The house is constantly heaving sighs and reading prayers.

I am impartial as anyone can be and I have no slightest clue how these problems can be solved. The media distorts reality and gives false news catered to specific race. This thwarts people’s thinking, affects world news and instigates more fights. Every race has its rights: human rights. People tell me it is all planned by a higher body to eradicate the Rohingyas from Myanmar since we’re a stateless race; some told me it’s an elaborate plan to make Daw Aung Suu Kyi to lose her gaining power. I don’t know, perhaps someone does. I don’t think the government would ever separate the country into 2. President Thein Sein actually declared a state of emergency in the Rakhine State and a martial law is imposed. Apparently even he doesn’t have the power to stop it. All I can hope is the killings and the violence should stop with or without the help of someone, some organization or some country. To me, it is not even a religious war. I have had a Buddhist monk conduct a prayer for me in Siem Reap due to panic attacks despite being Muslim. Forget race and religion, no one has a right to take another life, justified or not. Call me idealist but I give that power to God.

Now, my dad just cancelled or postponed our trip to Myanmar that was scheduled tomorrow. I have no idea if we are still going. My mom told me how in 1988, she took me and hid under the table in my Aunt’s house and she wouldn’t want us to go through the same fear. Everything seems surreal to me actually. One cousin told me how she would have difficulties getting visas since she got accepted to a medical college in the UK. Dreams halted, daily life changed. I am still not able to comprehend the depth of this issue.

All in all, I went to bed last night and I found myself trying to talk to Allah. I have been doing it the past few months due to recent events in my life. “I know I always talk to you when I am in a difficult position. I can’t help it, actually I can but I choose to do so only if I feel restless, I don’t know if other people are like me but right now, I am very sorry and all I have is one request: I know freedom is not free, it never was but please give the innocent people, not even Muslims or Buddhists, but innocent people, a peace of mind. “Amin”

The Real Situation in Arakan, Burma (Myanmar)

10 Jun

The real Situation in Arakan, Burma (Myanmar)
is all set up by extremists Rakhine and ex military generals using religion and ethnic as a propaganda to escalate the matter to genocide ethnic minority , Rohingya and to divert attention for oppressed ethnic Kachin and other ethnic State in Myanmar most importantly to gain back military power !

After Friday congregation, at about 2 pm. while a group of Muslims were trying to join a payer at Kayandan Islamic propagation centre (Tabligh Centre) for those 10 Muslims who were murdered by Rakhine extremists at Taunggup on 3 June 2011, the security forces tried to stop them and then started firing at the crowd killing at least two people and injuring many others.

At 2:30 p.m. two young Rohingyas who were returning home after Friday prayer from Maungdaw Central Mosque were seriously beaten by police. One of them whose hand was broken was released after sometime while the other who received head injury was still in police custody. His condition is still unknown.

9th June 2012 (Saturday)

Armed security forces with Rakhine extremist equipped with lethal arms were roaming Maungdaw towns and surrounding villages. This morning 4 Rohingyas were carried away from Fayazi village of Maungdaw. Their whereabouts is known.

According to a report, “Nasaka security forces and police are the killers. The Rakhine extremists joined them and reining hell on Rohingya. Because of the curfew no one dares to go out, and at the absence of witness Rakhine extremists set fire on houses, village after village. If anyone comes out from the fire, he/she gets a bullet or two or more. No witness, no proof. Natala villagers and Rakhine extremists have been supplied guns as well, but no one may prove it. In the mean time, racist monks are busy with media supplying fabricated news. These tragic events have been well planned in advance.”

At midnight (8/6/12) the Hlun Htein forces from Ngakura village accompanied by the extremists from the Rakhine village of San Oo Rwa (Hatipra) attacked the Rohingya villagers of the same village killing one person injuring 3 others. The dead body was carried away by the killers.

Last night groups of armed forces with Buddhist Rakhine extremists went to the Rohingya villages. They opened fire to the Muslim houses. When the inmates left their homes the Rakhine extremists set on fire. Many houses in several villagers have been reported burnt into ashes. Many people were killed and several others injured. The villages of Hatalia, Sommonia, Razarbil, Kayandan and San Oo are among those which were attacked.

Since yesterday the Buddhist monks and Rakhine extremists escorted by security forces were announcing ‘War on Kalas, (war on Rohingyas) along the street of Maungdaw. This message was spread like a wild fire all over Maungdaw and Buthidaung townships.

Many security forces dressed in civil clothes but with arms are firing the Rohingyas.

An estimated 100 Rohingyas were killed. As dead bodies were not handed over to the relatives or villagers. Exact number of death could not be confirmed. Some estimate that the number of death could exceed 200 Rohingyas.

Hundreds of injured Rohingyas are lack of treatment. Thousands of people were deprived of food and water as Police, military, and Hlon Htin block them.

At about 12: 25 P.M. Deputy Home Minister accompanied by U Aung Zaw Win (USDP- MP) arrived at Maungdaw. They are reportedly discussing with local leaders on the situation. The details of the discussion are still not known.

10th June (Sunday )

00.30am-Tensions increased in Arakan according to some sources.

00:35am – Buthidaung Township (16 mile from Maungdaw) : Half an hour ago two boatloads of Rakhine were brought in to the town of Buthidaung from other places under the programme of the authorities.

01:-00 am- In Sittwe, Rakhine in Islamic attire wearing caps were seen roaming in the streets of Akyab trying to pretend Muslims. The following racist Medias are engaged in anti-Rohingya propaganda.

01:30 am – The Akyab Airport Mosque is being burnt .It has been reported that the riot have been supervised by Aung Myat Kyaw an MP at State Parliament. It is reported that the house of one Mohammed Hussein was killed and his house was burnt down. For this destruction, Aung Myat Kyaw is using Aung Tun Sein (Olympic group) and Pho Sein(Danyawadi group) .Another source reported that a mosque in Magyi Myaing Village (1mile from Sittwe Airport) at quarter8 was also destroyed.

Nur Begum from Myi Gyi Myaing village Sittwe was chopped and packed in a Jute bag at Mayu Road. The dead body was said to have been hidden by the police.

03:00 am- Some Rohingya youths were carried away by NaSaKa Border Security Forces. The number of youths was unknown. At least 70 Rohingyas were killed from Myothugyi village (Kaindapara) alone. A total of about 300 Rohingyas were believed to have been killed in the Maungdaw township. It is very hard to ascertain the exact figures as the dead bodies have not been handed over to their relatives or villagers yet.

4:00am- Harzamya village from Sittwe was burnt- 13 Rohingyas were shot dead by Police and Paramilitary Forces. 4 injured. Reliable sources said dead bodies were collected and buried.

9:00am- Government ordered to leave all the NGOs from Northern Arakan State (confirmed).

09:15 am- Police Officer Than Htin killed innocent one Rohingya girl (Ramzaan- 12yrs ) Rohingya boy (Name –Abdu Rahaman-10yrs ) and her brother injured. Dead body was taken by Paramilitary Forces.

09:30am- Bu May village (Wayalis) ,Sittwe Township is burning till now.

12:00 – Set fire Zay Haung Mawleik Village (which was know as Rohingya Para) .about 40 houses burnt

12:30 – Set fire all Rohingya’s house Yanpyay Township ( Rohingyas are like 5to 10% there)

12:55 – Narzee Village set fire (1 mile from Sittwe Airport ) and Burning now.

13:00- Some sources saying that government announced Marchell Law in Sittwe (unconfirmed)

14:00- Curfew was imposed only for Rohingyas. Rakhine are burning Rohingya’s houses.

16 :00-Rakhines came the support of police to Aung Min Ga Lar Quarter (where I grown up ) Sittwe and brought petrol with them. My source told me doesn’t know what time they will set fire. The situation is very worrying.

17:00- Someone told me from Maungdaw We would like to appeal international community to provide humanitarian assistance to Rohingyas as many Rohingyas are direly in need of food besides full security which can be given by International Community.

17:45- Many dead bodies (Estimated about 20-25 ) were seen in Pai Thay Ywa Village (0.5 mile to Sittwe Market) while people jumped to the sea when Rakhine were killing with co operation of Police.

17:55 -There are about 3 trucks of dead bodies were carried to Maungdaw Quarter to bury in Buddhist Cemetery. 3 trucks were fully escorted.

18:20- There are a few hundreds of Rakhine with knives at the mountain of Southside of Maungdaw .Our sources said that Rakhine prepared to kill many Rohingyas tonight with the help of Police and Military. It is estimated about 300 killed only in Maungdaw Township



Genocide Plan On Ethnic Minorities in Burma ( Myanmar)

10 Jun

 The reform military regime of Myanmar continues to wage war on the country’s ethnic minorities  . The recent horrific violence continues to spread  with the support of Rakhine extremists against  the Rohingya Muslim ethnic.

 Tensions have been high in Rakhine State  when a Rakhine Buddhist mob attacked a bus and killed 10 muslim  mistakenly believing they were responsible for the recent gang-rape and murder of a Rakhine Buddhist woman. The  Rakhine ethnic extremists further  escalate  the matter  by campaigning   for Rohingya ethnic to leave Myanmar and killed several of them in Rakhine State .

The   Rohingya community in Rakhine State responded by peaceful protest that was turn into violent protest by the  Rakhine extremists , military and  police firing gun shots  accusing the oppressed  Rohingya of burning the villages .

Burma’s government has recently begun implementing political reforms, sparking approval among Western nations who had long called for change. However State media and officials have been bias and supporting the Rakhine extremists using the divide and conquer policy to get their support in ethnic cleansing of Rohingya ethnic by using religion and ethnic  differences .

Proof Of Rakhine Extremists  Genocide Plan Letter   In Burmese Language 

Sources : VOA ,  AP